Interior Design: Michelle Justus: 806.584.6295
House Cleaner: Stephanie Munoz: 806.336.9151
Sewing curtains, blankets, pillows, etc: Debbie Vaughan: 806.570.9592

• City of Amarillo: 806.378.3078
• Xcel Energy: 800.895.4999
• SBC: 800.342.5792
• Atmos Energy: 800.621.1867
• PRAD:806.358.1601(I believe this should be on your Utilities list. Call to set up your homestead exemption at the same time!)

Cable Service/Internet:
• Suddenlink:806.358.4801
• AMATech Tel: 806.322.2222
• Dish Network: 806.342.3474
• Direct TV: 800.280.4388
• Catmandu:(Computer Repair):806.350.8324

Cellular Service:
• Sprint: 806.355.8999
• AT&T:806.353.7447
• Clearwire: 806.359.6600

Government Offices:
• Dept. of Public Safety: 806.468.1400
• Post Office(Western): 806.359.7712
• Library(45th Branch):806.359.2094

School Districts Offices:
• Amarillo ISD: 806.354.4200
• Canyon ISD:806.656.6100
• Highland Park ISD:806.335.2823
• Bushland ISD: 806.359.6683
• Boys Ranch ISD:806.534.0032
• Tascosa High School:806.326.2600

• Amarillo Globe News: 806.376.5881
• American Classifieds: 806.376.9063



The Shop: 806.373.5950
The shop is a new store that offers equipment for cutting, building, carving wood. The Shop offers classes to teach a home owner how to build, or repair wood work for your home. You may also hire someone at the shop to build furniture for everyday needs such as dining room tables and chairs, coffee tables, etc..

Robert Holquist: HANDYMAN: 806.220.1630
He can do almost everything that is needed to get your house ready. He can texture, paint, do existing electrical repair, patch up ceilings, walls, repair cracks, repair roofs,etc..

Van: HANDYMAN: 806.433.5990
Van and Robert work together. If Robert can't do it Van can. Van specializes in mostly woodwork such as hanging doors, building bookshelves, crown molding, baseboards, cabinets,etc...

Plumber: Robert Carter (Carter Plumbing)-806.206.6633
Plumber: John Conner (APEX Plumbing,Heating and Air)-806.367.8362
Larry's Heating and Air: Steve:806.679.5804
Car Repair: Mondini Automotive:806.356.7560
Lawn Mowing, Thatching,Spraying: Fred Riedinger: 806.654.0944
Sprinklers Install: Darrell Seth: 806.584.5079
Fence install/repair,Tree &Stump Removal: Damon King: 806.371.8097
Witt Flooring: 806.376.4792
Marble Depot: 806.242.0400